Anthony E. Kosky


I am a creative individual who is always thinking about ways to make something better whether it's a project at home, at work, or even something I see while I'm out with my wife. On a side note, my wife just published a book: Not So Bad, where I illustrated the cover for a minimal fee. I'm kidding. Do you seriously think I'd charge my wife?

On a professional note, I am a unique individual that brings both technical and creative expertise to any team and everything I do. I am known as a collaborator. I admit that I do not know everything and the knowledge of the team is greater than the knowledge of any individual. I use this point to provide the best arena available for creative and collaborative discussion. I want to bring your ideas to life, so contact me so we can collaborate today!

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What people say?

I worked with Anthony on the ServiceNow project at Nationwide Insurance. The areas I worked with him in the project were UI reviews, standardization of UI/UX elements, and generating and updating concise user messaging.

Anthony has a keen eye in identifying usability issues, logical flow issues, and issues with consistency in terminology. There were many times when he helped the team in articulating the GUI based error messages to the end users as well as the end user training documentation. The user interface guidelines he created were very useful throughout the project to bring consistency in the look and feel.

Anthony is a creative thinker with a positive attitude as well as a good listener and is always open to generating new ideas in a team or by himself. Anthony is a pleasure to work with and he would be a great asset to any company.

Raji Vadavalli, Requirements Analyst

What people say?

I contacted Anthony to create a 3 scene model and animation for national recording artist Val Halla. He executed the animation very quickly and [effectively] and even worked with me on [a] small tweak in real time. We had a tight deadline, and he works fast. He is very talented, and I was [euphoric] with the end product. Hire him!

Nick Cavalier, Award Winning Director

What people say?

My most recent project with Anthony was a request to create a video intro to my videos and slideshows. Anthony took my input and used his creativity and skill to design something for me that has now become an integral part of my branding.

Every experience I have had with Anthony from start to finish has been nothing short of excellent. In the world of art and design sometimes deadlines and clarity in [the] process aren't a high priority so it was nice to work with someone who can both design and bring business sense to the table.

Mike Lotz, Owner, Mike and Kim LLC

What people say?

Truly skilled in time-based media. A brief meeting and he was able to make [precisely] what I needed in a timely, professional manner. Anthony has an extensive portfolio that shows some [fascinating], complex applications - but also shows his diverse skillset. I'll recommend Anthony over and over again, being confirmed that he can [...] accomplish whatever it is you need!

Shawn Ferguson, Visionary Information Technology Professional

What people say?

Anthony was always professional when presenting his work and gave good feedback to others. Technical abilities are [...excellent].

Dan Zimmer, Sr. Production Services Technician at Sony Pictures Imageworks
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I potatoes.
Au Gratin, mashed garlic, and skins are just some of my favorites.

I enjoy bringing ideas into reality, whether they be vague or clearly defined. I harness my vast and deep technical and creative capabilities to deliver projects on time, on the initiative, and budget.

Currently, I run a side business that creates, develops and maintains websites for local clients. I enjoy helping the local community in creative and exciting ways.

Design Application % 98
Creative % 96
Technical % 84
Consultation % 85
Brainstorming % 89
Thought Leadership % 94

Anthony E. Kosky's Services

Web design

I create web designs that are beautiful, responsive, intuitive, and easy to maintain.


I produce branding materials that are high caliber, on point, and on the budget.


Throughout my development process, I create and tweak from the user or team feedback. I strive to make my designs the best they can be.


I design wireframes and user flows with the end user in mind, and if priorities change for the project, I am quick to adapt.


I create marketing graphics and copy that support and uplift the brand while building awareness and adoption to any project.


I am available for support via the contact options listed below.

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